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May I wish you all the joys and holiness of the Easter season. I would first like to say how delighted we are to see such great love for Christ and his church being expressed in so many evangelising and missionary endeavours which are being undertaken throughout our Diocese at the moment.


In these pages we highlight the work of the Adoremus Centre which is vital because the Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of everything that we do. This is an important project for the renewal of the church through prayer dedicated to the work of the New Evangelisation.

Our ecclesiastical exchange with the Archdiocese of Bamenda is so important to us and we pray at this time especially for the peoples of Cameroon in the light of the current tensions in that country, remembering especially Archbishop Cornelius and the clergy and the faithful of the Archdiocese.


We look forward to the ordination and priesthood of Deacon Johnpromise and Deacon Mohanraj in the summer. 

As the shepherd of the

Diocese I wish to commit

us all to “Bringing People

Closer to Jesus Christ

through his Church.”

My vision revolves around four priorities: mission to all, converting Catholics, being totally dependent on the Holy Spirit and being outward looking servants of the Lord. These four priorities lead to three areas of special attention: focusing on youth, promoting vocations and focusing on prioritising our resources.

The central endeavour of all of these hopes and aspirations is that we seek deeper holiness through communion. Finally, Pope Francis has talked about digital technology and communications being a “gift from God” so I am delighted we are launching an innovative new app alongside the physical magazine, which will bring pages to life when scanned with a mobile phone or tablet. Readers can launch interactive augmented reality content, like videos, animations, weblinks and much more. You can see instructions on how to use the app below.

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Download the VivaVoce AR app from App Store or Google Play.


Scan the photo on the pages where you see this AR icon.

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When the video starts double tap your screen for a

full-screen view

to take away.