Bringing people closer to

Jesus Christ 

through his church

the dowry tour 
journeying to the priesthood
Christ on campus
caritas restoring dignity
mentoring couples towards marriage


To be saints

is not a privilege

for the few, but a 

vocation for everyone.

Pope Francis

A Powerhouse of Prayer
parishes embark on mission

If you are

what you should be,

you will set the whole world on fire!

St. Catherine of Sienna

training in accompanimen

the higher we go

the better we shall hear

the voice of Christ!

Bl. Pier Giorgi Frassati

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Lambing at the abbey
major youth event 'flame' inspires
the emergency situation in Bamenda
School forges ties with parish
our man
in Rome
Young Diocesan Pilgrims prepare for Lourdes
Young Diocesan Pilgrims prepare for Lourdes
Sisters Harness Technology to Spread Faith Awareness
Inspiring Oratory is a Beacon of Hope and Shining
Light of Faith
Missionaries Go Out on Streets to Extend Arm of Friendship
to Strangers
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