At St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School pupils have been inspired by the local Saint Vincent de Paul Conference to become young members of the charity. The Mini Vinnies have raised money themselves, or collaborated in fundraising ventures and have also made Christmas cards for the homeless and created Stations of the Cross frames at their school to be used during Lenten celebrations.

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Bringing people closer to

Jesus Christ 

through his church

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the dowry tour 

"The visit of the Statue of Our Lady of Walsingham is of supreme historical and spiritual importance. We were and remain a country set apart for the mother of God alone."

Edmund Matyjaszek

Author of The Rosary: England’s Prayer

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the dowry tour 
journeying to the priesthood
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I was not fulfilled in my comfortable life because my heart was yearning for something higher.

Johnpromise Umeozuru,


Christ on campus

Kaitlin Gilday,
Southampton FOCUS
team leader

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All you have to do is share your life with these people, enter into their lives and invite them into your life


The project called More Than A Shelter is all about relationship building – the aim being that by working with the homeless people and showing their care and compassion it may help them to look for the kind of support that will help them rebuild their lives, such as drug recovery or alcohol rehabilitation.

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caritas restoring dignity
mentoring couples towards marriage

Aba Shields

Marriage and Family Project Worker

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The wonderful thing is that those who deliver the course are strengthened too – simply by talking about the things which made their marriage strong in the first place.


To be saints

is not a privilege

for the few, but a 

vocation for everyone.

Pope Francis

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“Alderney is an island with a strong community feel, like one big family, and we have been welcomed into the family.”


Sister Maria Veronica.

A Powerhouse of Prayer
parishes embark on mission

"“For me, this is what the life of the church should be about. It’s given me a wonderful opportunity to deepen my relationship with Jesus and to get to know people I hadn’t met before. It’s given me more confidence to share the joy of my faith with others inside and outside the church.”

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parishes embark on mission

If you are

what you should be,

you will set the whole world on fire!

St. Catherine of Sienna

“Being an Ananias is about building trust with a person and listening lovingly to their real questions and opinions about God in order to guide the discovery of how God is present in their life.”

Clare Simpson

leader of the Pre-Discipleship Team

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training in accompanimen
training in accompanimen

the higher we go

the better we shall hear

the voice of Christ!

Bl. Pier Giorgi Frassati

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In the hours between regular devotions they are busy with the lambing season on their small monastery farm

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Lambing at the abbey
major youth event 'flame' inspires
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More than 300 young people from our Diocese joined 8,000 others at Flame, the UK’s biggest annual Catholic youth event.

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the emergency situation in Bamenda

Bishop Michael Bibi was recently abducted by the so-called Amba Boys for travelling during a stay-at-home protest and held for four hours at gunpoint in a forest clearing.

School forges ties with parish
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The all-girls Beaulieu Convent School on Jersey is forging ever-closer ties with communities through an inspiring combination of Catholic formation and mission.

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our man
in Rome

We talk to Fr James McAuley who oversees the formation of the priests of the future at one of the Pontifical Universities in Rome!

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Young Diocesan Pilgrims prepare for Lourdes

Fifty young faithful have taken up the invitation of Bishop Philip to host this year’s diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes.

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Young Diocesan Pilgrims prepare for Lourdes

Fifty young faithful have taken up the invitation of Bishop Philip to host this year’s diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes.

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Sisters Harness Technology to Spread Faith Awareness

"We were approached by Bishop Philip to help with catechesis and formation throughout the whole Diocese. It is a wonderful opportunity to be doing what we are supposed to do in the service of our Diocese."

Sr Hyacinthe Defos Du Rau

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Inspiring Oratory is a Beacon of Hope and Shining
Light of Faith

“Oratorians are ‘fishers rather than hunters’ who draw people to the Oratory by their availability, the cheerfulness and joy for which St Philip was renowned and by beauty in liturgy and music.” 


Father Peter.

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Missionaries Go Out on Streets to Extend Arm of Friendship
to Strangers

“I think the attraction starts with the initial approach. The conversation is as simple as ‘our church is open tonight, do you wish to come in and light a candle


Father Serafino Lanzetta